Refugees, Immigrants and Locals make Docs together at La Guarimba Ponti di Vista


Cinema Ambulante was a documentary workshop that aimed to create collaboration and understanding between Europeans and refugees or migrants who have recently arrived to Europe, by helping them make films together that explore each other’s lives.

The immediate effects of the course were to:

  • Lead to friendships and creative partnerships between local and incoming participants, thus favouring long term dialogue between communities and eradicating the roots of misunderstandings and racism.

  • Encourage participants to immerse themselves in their partner’s story and cultural background, by re-telling their stories to an audience and developing a joint sense of empowerment, authorship and agency in the process.

  • Use the filmmaking process to spread awareness on topics surrounding human rights issues and the challenges faced both by the incoming and the local communities.

  • Learn important transferable skills which they will be able to use in their future professional and personal lives, such as public speaking, non-verbal communication, conflict mediation, team work and collective decision-making.

  • Boost self-esteem and self-worth by supporting participants through the creative process from the idea to the big screen. The workshop culminated with a public screening of the short films followed by a Q&A with the director teams. This raised debate and spread the positive effects of the workshop into the local communities and beyond.

  • Provide vocational experience of making an audio-visual product using professional equipment and processes. This course was not designed for professional training but it offered a springboard for those who are interested in filmmaking and visual arts as a profession.

  • Teach basic storytelling technique, both in production and post-production, but more importantly it got participants to learn about storytelling structure, narrative arcs, narrative conflict and resolution as tools of expression.


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