Madam, I’m Adam

Writer/Director/Producer (Fiction; 15min; May2006)
Produced by Anna Purkis

This short fiction film based on my father’s difficulties as an unpublished writer was my graduation film. Based loosely on the structure of the Odyssey; in it we follow the wondering and wandering of Adam an unpublished writer as memories and melancholy threaten his will to live.
It was my first experience directing a sizable crew and organizing the logistics of an overseas shoot transporting 16mm equipment to Italy and working with an overall budget of less than ï¿¡3000.

Selected for NAHEMI Student Showcase 2006

Most stories are about a journey. Madam I’m Adam is in this respect no exception; within it is encapsulated one of the greatest epic tales ever told: Homer’s Odyssey. Like all great tales that have been able to capture the essence of human nature, the themes and the structure are timeless, they can be applied to any age and can change context without loosing their original strength. This Odyssey is set in a mind from contemporary times; the hero is an unpublished writer trying to find his place in a world that doesn’t seem to want him. But things are always in the last place you look.