Radiostan Interact


In a Nutshell…

Radiostan Interact is an online project that will allow you to navigate through voices and opinons of the people of the former Soviet Union creating a real-life experience of the current affairs in this enormous and misunderstood region by using interviews to camera of its inhabitants within their environment.

In recent months Russia and the surrounding nations have been prominently and regularly showing up on the news: LGBT laws, the Olympic games, energy production and control, the involvement in the Syrian conflict and more recently the Ukranian crisis and the secession of Crimea.
At the same time, alternative news sources such as Russia Today and the Huffington Post have been trending and going viral on social networks demonstrating a growing demand in the West for a fresh perspective on events in this part of the world, unmediated by mainstream media or at least showing other points of view.


Project Origins

In 2010 I travelled two thousand miles from Kyrgyzstan to Moscow making a remarkably simple ten minute short film; a compilation of interviews to camera gathered en route.
This film is called Radiostan and over the past three years it has been selected by 26 international film festivals on four continents, winning two prizes, going on to be acquired by Canal Plus France, distributed by Future Shorts Distribution and is still selling three years after its completion!

The idea for the interactive version is to design an interface that will use a database of interviews from all over Russia and former USSR tailor-make an edit of Radiostan based on the interests of the user. This journey through opinions in the form of interviews will also offer the opportunity to go into as much depth as one wants into specific topics even linking to existing content, blogs and media on the subject.