This is an eclectic mix of moving image work that is either very old, from the formative years at university or it is a trailer for a film that for one reason or another never made it to completion. this are still worthwhile and fascinating projects but for now they’ll have to remain in this limbo of trailers and short films…
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Art of Torture
2012 / paused development / Documentary / 52min / HD / a film by Leo Bruges

In his quest to draw attention to the surreptitious practice of torture by governments around the world Jeff has become obsessed with questions on pain and violence; the crucifixions of his models sometimes push the boundaries between reality and role-play.
In the past months Jeff has even started to self-harm, covering his body with hundreds of cuts and scars.


Children of Babel
2011 / paused development / Documentary/ 70min / s16mm
Directed by Tomás Sheridan / Produced by Peter Gerard – Accidental Media

Set in Porta Palazzo, Europe’s largest open-air market in Turin, Italy Babel’s Market portrays the difficulties of young 2nd generation immigrants from different backgrounds to find their own cultural identity.


Mr Nasty
2010 /paused development / Documentary / 15min / HDV / by Lukas Kulec Produced by Tomás Sheridan – Polifilm

As a carer for James, a boy affected by Muscular Dystrophy Lukazs felt compelled to pick up a camera and tell this story of a teenager with girls, video-games and explosions on his mind. A refreshing and intimate film about getting on with your life.


The Word and the Name
Doc; 3min; November 2007
Directed by Tomás Sheridan
Produced by Peter Gerard – Accidental Media


An old lady reminisces on her first encounter with organised religion when her and her sister in their early teens are accidentally caught up in a Presbyterian gathering.



Madam, I’m Adam
Writer/Director/Producer (Fiction; 15min; May2006)
Directed by Tomás Sheridan

Produced by Anna Purkis

This short fiction film based on my father’s difficulties as an unpublished writer was my graduation film. Based loosely on the structure of the Odyssey; in it we follow the wondering and wandering of Adam an unpublished writer as memories and melancholy threaten his will to live.




Die Kiste
Writer/Director/Producer (Experimental; 6min; April 2004)
Directed by Tomás Sheridan

Produced by Tomás Sheridan

Short experimental piece aimed that emulates the themes and styles of German Expressionism.

When the somnambulist wakes up in a room with a box he begins to battle with his fears and temptations.

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