Delighters Theatre of Surprises

Director/Camera/Producer/Editor / virals and promos by Polifilm / 2006-2012

We have close working relationship with Delighters and have been making video content for them for years. Here you can see a few examples of the work we’ve done for them, from promos to shows to mini-docs of street happenings.

Solo Promo / 3’40” / 2010
Director / Camera / Edit
Produced by T. Sheridan for Polifilm

A Solo performance filmed in India on the beautiful rocks of Hampi.

Show Promo / 1’49” / 2010
Camera / Edit / Production
Produced by Tomás Sheridan for Polifilm

After the shock and pain of arriving into this world a baby’s destiny is already determined in one way or another. Especially if it’s a girl.
Six women and a large piece of red fabric take us on a journey into the lives of women and the violence they have to suffer around the world, through visual images and sound-scapes in Jusztina Hermann’s piece.

This Physical Theatre piece was prepared as part of the Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice course 2009/10.
The show has been recorded at its first performance as part of EXPOSURE at The Arches in Glasgow, UK on 2nd June 2010.

Doc / 3min / January 2009
Director/Camera/Editor T. Sheridan
Produced by Tomás Sheridan – Polifilm


In January 2009 a group of performers walked down Edinburgh’s main shopping street in slow motion happening designed to draw attention to the hectic rhythms of our present-day shopping and working habits.

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