NoFitState Circus

Camera / Edit / Production / solo promos / Polifilm 2011
Additional Camera Tom Bishop

In 2011 NoFitState Circus were performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and some of their performers asked me to make tailor-made promos of their individual acts.

Their shows were roller coasters of emotions and wonder, I was honored to be allowed to capture this on video!

Flying: Adie Delaney, Kadja Karjalainen, Marcella Manzilli, Tanwen Watson and Petri Ekqvist


Areal Rings: Tanwen Watson


Cradle: Kadja Karjalainen and Petri Ekqvist


Clown: Marcella Manzilli


These videos are extracts of Tabú, a NoFitState Production Directed by Firenza Guidi.

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