Festa Del Fuoco di Stromboli

Producer/Camera/Editor / 6′ promo and 25′ doc / 2012 / Produced by Polifilm

6-minute Promo Video…

…and full 25-minute documentary.


Stromboli holds a special place in my heart. August Shuldes, the brains and heart behind this extraordinary fire festival on Europe’s most active Volcano invited me to make a doc to promote his work. Admittedly I did go mainly to visit this magic island but being part of the fire family for two weeks, with a show every night and a really camaraderie between the 60 odd artists visiting from all over the world was one of the best experiences of my life. This documentary has attempted to capture some of that magic…

If you get the chance you should definitely visit Festa del Fuoco (on every September on Stromboli).

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