First Uni teaching experience was amazing!!!

DAMS in montaggioApril 2013 saw me teaching Documentary film-making in a University in the border town of Gorizia in Notrth-Eastern Italy to some very bright and motivate students who unfortunately are stuck in a loop of theoretical classes without many opportunities to get films actually made. But we changed all this! Starting from “What is a documentary?” through, pitching skills, theatre-style exercises to develop team work and confidence into development and production they managed in just over a week to produce thought-provoking and intelligent documentaries making me a very proud teacher… Nice one guys. Good luck on your path I hope I showed you some new routes to explore ;). Special thanks to Ludovica Fales of Kitchen Sink Collective who assisted me throughout the course and made the whole thing possible with her can-do attitude and enthusiasm!

This is the poster for the Screening of the guys’ films. The theme was “The Border” but we asked them to explore the concept and they certainly did!
Volantino DAMS Proiezione CORRETTO

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