Polifilm Media Ltd

Polifilm Media Ltd is a UK-based production company specialising in documentary films, visual storytelling workshops and training and ethically sound corporate video work.

As well as working tirelessly on our own  documentary productions, big and small, we offer our know-how in media, social networks and storytelling and our connections to a broader community of professionals across Scotland, Europe and beyond for companies, social enterprises and charities who have a positive and constructive approach to present-day society.


Polifilm Origines

Politropos Productions was born in 2004 when I made my first short film at Napier Edinburgh University. Once I left the sheltered bosom of higher education I realised I’d need a more catchy and memorable name and that’s how PoliFilm was born.

The word Politropos comes from ancient Greek. It’s the very first adjective that Homer uses to describe Ulysses in the Odyssey. The word means “of many ways” which applies to Ulysses’ wandering adventures but also to the many sides of his persona which he showed in the face of adversity.

In 2012 PoliFilm becomes Polifilm Media Ltd. a new company that can take on more ambitious projects with larger budgets and which can delegate, produce and co-produce across a broad network of companies and freelancers in the the UK and Europe.

In my case Politropos is the way I communicate; film-making intrinsically brings together words, images and sounds to create meaning; it is, quite literally a medium ‘of many ways’. Like-wise our channels of communication are increasingly eclectic and complex, this is why, if you need any help getting a message across, just get in touch. We will find the right people for the job.