Theatre Piece Promotional Video
Produced > Camera > Edited / Promo / Duration 1’24″  / Produced by Polifilm Media Ltd

This is an example of a one-man, two-camera setup. Above is the trailer for the piece but we also edited a full length version of L’Eveil.

Consistently questioning what is socially acceptable, L’Eveil deals with the themes of Growth, Transformation, Beauty and Disfigurement. The uniqueness of the piece arises from the indivisibility of performer, sculptural costume and movement challenging the distortion of the body and its place in society. It pushes the boundaries of costume and grows further the integral role of the costume as the centre of the performance instead of its typically established simple decorative role. The costume is created not around a character or an idea but through the relationship between body, material, movement and observer, creating a strong visual dynamic.

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