Universitá di Udine Doc Module 2013

One-month documentary module at DAMS Gorizia (Dipartimento di Arti, Musica e Spettacolo) / 5x short documentaries / ages 20-35 / 2013

This was an intensive module which was integrated into a Film University course to bring more practical work to its students.
The kids really got into the project as they became excited about the potential of documentary storytelling. These are the films they came up with. Sorry, no subtitles for now.

Murocrazia; a look inside an asylum seeker centre in the north of Italy.

Casa Talotti; an Italian family reveals its secrets.

Tunnel; this pedestrian tunnel straddling Italy and Slovenia becomes a metaphor for life.

Parola di un Signore; this group lied to a priest to demonstrate the power of editing.

I and Eye; an intimate portrait of a Cos-player and the world of impersonation.