Docma13 Film Lab

5-day Workshop / one group of 5 / Ages 20-41

Made during DOCMA13 Film Lab @Lago Film Festival 2013

(Prodotto durante il DOCMA13 Film Lab @Lago Film Festival 2013)

Not satisfied with the limitations of no-budget, no-time, five directors who don’t know each other working together to make a film that will be screened at the end of the festival we added eight rules emulating Lars Von Trier’s Dogme 95 movement and seeking to focus on the central storytelling needs of documentary.

10 RULES (10 Regole)

1} 1 Camera+1 Mic+1 Laptop
(1 camera+1 microfono+1 computer)
2} 5 Directors +5 Days = 1 Film
(5 registi+5 giorni = 1 film)
3} Only Sync Sound
(solo suono sincronizzato)
4} Only Hand-held Camera
(Solo macchina a mano)
5} Maximum 120 Minutes of Raw Footage
(Massimo 120 minuti di girato)
6} No set-ups
(No messinscena)
7} No Formal Interview
(No intervista formale)
8) Only Joump-Cuts in the Edit
(Solo tagli netti in montaggio)
9} Only People ‘Here’ and ‘Now’
(Solo gente qui e ora)
10} Show don’t Tell
(Significato non significante)

Directed by (Regia di)
Elisabetta Angelillo
Annamaria Craparotta
Lea Dicursi
Sara Maino
Francesco Tasselli

DOCMA13 is a lab concept by (DOCMA13 é un laboratorio cinematografico di)
Tomás Sheridan (@Polifilms)

Exec Producers (Produttori esecutivi)
Tomás Sheridan e Carlo Migotto