At Polifilm Documentaries are our bread and butter.

We love to tell real stories our own way. We live surrounded by reality and every day we’re amazed by the stories that we encounter and that we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to tell. Bellow is a showcase of some of our bravest and toughest productions. Enjoy!

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Finding Josephine

2012 / in production / Documentary / HD / 10min                                                       Directed by Tomás Sheridan / Produced by North Isle Productions & STEPS

A film about what we think we know about Africa.
I traveled to Uganda with Mango, my 5-year-old daughter, to meet Josephine a her age, who we’ve been sponsoring for the past two years.


2011 / Completed / Documentary / 44min / HD / Directed by Tomás Sheridan
Produced by Peter Gerard – Accidental Media and Polifilm for Current TV

One month into her relationship with Liam Nita finds she is pregnant; she decides to keep the baby inspite of Liam’s requests for an abortion. Now that Una is born Nita and Liam are faced with difficult decisions that will change their lives for ever.


2010 / Completed / Experimental Doc / 10min / HDV / Directed by Tomás Sheridan
Produced by Tanya Petrik & Guillaume Protsenko – Miru mir & Moviement            Russia/UK

Made as part of the Cinetrain project this short experimental documentary was shot and edited over a 5week period in Autumn 2009 traveling by train between Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and Moscow.

Throughout this journey people from different ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds speak of their struggles, immigration, racism, the ‘old days’ in the USSR and their dreams for the future.


Archive of Dreams
Doc; 15min; August 2008
Directed by Tomás Sheridan
Produced by Lindsay Goodall – La Belle Allee

In the past 30 years Carlo Roda amassed an archive of over 2000 films on reel ranging from French New wave to American horror classics. Now this treasure lies in a dusty and damp basement. What happens when a group of well-meaning youths decide to bring the archive back to life?

UK Film council, Scottish Screen and BBC, funded Archive of Dreams; it won audience and jury prizes at Jim Poole Awards (Edinburgh) and the shorts prize at the Turin Film Festival. As well as featuring at Palm Springs, America’s largest short film festival.


As Time Goes By

2009 / Completed / Documentary / 3min / MiniDV / Directed by Tomás Sheridan

In January 2009 a group of performers walked down Edinburgh’s main shopping street in slow motion happening designed to draw attention to the hectic rhythms of our present-day shopping and working habits.